When I Set You Free

Time will come for you,

like all others.

It will whisper that you, too, could run free.

Your wings will spread, longing for purpose.

You will fly skywards erratically,

like the mayfly on a clear summer day.

How I will miss you, my companions,

as I roam these empty rooms.

You, who taught me how to live,

to love without boundaries

You unfolded before my eyes

became nothing less than yourselves.

I never created you.


I bore,






two full beings,

perfect in their shape,

splendid in their form.

How lost I will feel.

How fractured.

How alone.

Yet bursting with pride,

as I watch you leave,

as I cheer you on,

as you live on,

as you take your chances,

with this little thing called life.

How I will love you,

my daughters,

today, tomorrow, on that day faraway,

when I close my eyes

entrust you to life

and set you free.

2 thoughts on “When I Set You Free

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  1. This is a beautiful piece, I hope your daughters read it someday.

    I like how you’ve illustrated the journey, and the transitions of life that are to come, the love you shower them and how deeply you feel about them. It’s moving.

    Liked by 1 person

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