An unapologetic jumping-in
imagination without borders
joyous tint at an invite to play
make up a world
take part, cast roles
there’s no knowing
the end.

A slice of promising presence
beyond this radiant moment
an unknown dust
promising – not fear but –
more of the same.

Sun-warmed porches
droplets on windows
warm fur in corners
cracks in slanted ceilings
where fingernails get caught.

An eternity of slowing down
of peering, stopping, noticing
the smallness
making sense of vastness
creating universes
and picking them apart.

No one rite of passage
delivers you to the other side
like its beginning
consciousness forms on the sly
a soft realisation
a creeping-up-upon
an innate knowing

— it’s over.

2 thoughts on “Childhood

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  1. Yay! You’re back. I love this one 🙂 So very true. Before you know it, you’re grown upping. Happy New Year Ms. Anna Hope you and yours are well. Hugs, Kutloano Skosana Ricci (Thuli) m: +1-425-240-8348 a: 7545 1st Avenue NE, Seattle WA 98115 LinkedIn Profile


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