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All the Time

For all the meals we never shared // For all the time we never had // For all the things we never said // Know this, as you be on your way: I'd give it all back, just for time.

Thine Own Self

I'm here, just like you, but you're not like me // You're part me, and mostly yourself // I know I speak in riddles but it's because there's one hidden here: To thine own self be true.


Is there a knowing, I don't know? // To know in my bones // To erase all doubt // To forge a path, with the confidence // That what I know, is right.

On the Lake

I saw him, you say // I saw him drown // but I didn't turn around. // While this sinks to the bottom of my mind // I watch you. // What good can come of this?


There's something I can't say // Something bothering my mind // Where's this going? it asks // Churns, burns, turns in circles.

Dear Life

If we could change one thing We wouldn't change a thing This winding, thorny, snaking path led us home, and here. I'm here, it whispers Feel me, stroke me, see me There's nothing I won't be for you You're the master, the commander and I shape-shift to your will. Be the change Feel the love... Continue Reading →

The Great Freeze

There's peace here // Rest that resets bones // Silence that soothes // Frozen grass that crackle underfoot as I walk towards my dawn. // I used to liken a freeze to death // Years have made me wiser.


I know why it happens // (it's because) // You're magnificent // Brilliant in your aliveness // Pulling us in like gravity.

The Seagull

Beak aloft in preparation for ascension // Soon, I'll be soaring high above the vastness // Wait. // There they are // Masses of them // Eyes downcast, as if frightened // Gullible - trapped, perhaps - in their ways. // The vastness is to them unknown.

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