For A Little While

For a little while, I was their mother // and they reached for me in the night // let me smell the scent of sleep on their skin // and allowed for countless kisses in the morning. // But they were never mine to keep.


She’s the first breath you suck in after you’ve been under for a while //The silence of the morning you’ve been waiting for //Alone, at dawn, with nothing but the vast and still blueness //And your movement, melting into the rippled surface.

Reality, Incarcerated.

You were never meant to linger here, Natalie, do somersaults in my belly // chill my bloodstream // mess with my brain.// My first published short story, 'Natalie', plays with the concept of reality.

When I Set You Free

Time will come for you, like all others. It will whisper that you, too, could run free. Your wings will spread, longing for purpose. You will fly skywards erratically, like the mayfly on a clear summer day. How I will miss you, my companions, as I roam these empty rooms.

Here Lies Youth

"Hurry up, there isn't much time left." I have lived half my life. My thirtieth decade is slowly drawing to a close and if I am very lucky, I have about the same time left as that which I have already lived. So, dear Youth, what have I done with Act 1?

Emma Was Here

My gaze travelled downward, making out the letters ‘was here’. Someone had carved his or her name underneath my thumb but wear and tear had slowly erased it. I stared at it for a while before finding my keys and picking out the one with the sharpest edge. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was carve.

Mothering in a Man’s World

Bring back the yin/yang balance to our offices, governments and board rooms. To build a better  humanity, we need to embrace our innate need to offer care and love. We need to feel our way forward, and bring our whole selves to work, not leave the mother at home.

Is This Me?

Is this me, it asks. Stumbling forward, searching for something long forgotten, breaking the silence that reigned here.

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