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I know why it happens // (it's because) // You're magnificent // Brilliant in your aliveness // Pulling us in like gravity.


I see it in the small things. Sometimes it shines through the cracks of the day, startling me with its very presence. Mended will never be new, but knowing full way its cracks carry the imprints of life lived, it will never seek to be. All it seeks is now small, found in the fullness of one tiny moment.

To Lose A Child

"One day, I will cease to be and you will go on." We love our children so they can keep living long after we have swiveled out of this world. But life can throw our expected timeline for a loop. My grandmother, shown with her second son in this photo, was the mother and soul... Continue Reading →

On Beauty: A Letter to my Daughters

Dearest daughters, You are so young, only five and two, and so blessedly contained inside the safe square that makes up your world. On the beach, you shed your clothes in seconds, concerned only with skipping to the water in as few steps as possible. When you get dressed in the morning, your main objective... Continue Reading →

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