The Truth About Titanic (And My Valentine, Had We Celebrated)

"Women and children only, please. Stand back and let the women and children through!" Titanic, 15 April, 1912. The iceberg has ripped through the most gigantic passenger ship in history, whipping up the human cargo into a panic-stricken frenzy. There aren't enough life boats to go around. As the grim reality is slowly sinking in,... Continue Reading →


Tales From Another Life: The Chamonix Chambermaid

She wasn't a pretty woman. Rough, uncared for skin, thinning reddish hair, calloused hands. Here was a woman hardened by life, I thought. Here was a woman you wouldn't want to be. Her demeanor was direct and unimpressed. As we toiled side by side, tackling yet another semi-identical room, shaking out one freshly laundered duvet... Continue Reading →

On Beauty: A Letter to my Daughters

Dearest daughters, You are so young, only five and two, and so blessedly contained inside the safe square that makes up your world. On the beach, you shed your clothes in seconds, concerned only with skipping to the water in as few steps as possible. When you get dressed in the morning, your main objective... Continue Reading →

In Weakness Veritas

When I am able-bodied and strong, it is easy to create the illusion that I and those I love could exist in a vacuum. Nothing could be further from the truth. As humans, we are little jigsaw pieces of a hugely complex society, each performing a task so that the next person won't have to.... Continue Reading →

The Miracle of Child

On my most forgetful days, I catch myself staring at my children wondering how they could possibly come out of nothing. Pregnancy nausea, heavy belly loads, overdue due dates, marathon births and post-partum recovery are parked at the very lowest level of my consciousness as I marvel at the miracle of life. Sharing a particularly... Continue Reading →

What A Wise Woman Once Told Me

Once upon a work day, a friend, fellow mother and esteemed colleague much wiser than me made a statement during lunch that has stayed with me: All over our world, women having children is seen as a problem. Now, my yang side can find some truth in this statement. It is a disruption to office... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Awakening

Each pregnancy has left an imprint in my body. I am not just referring to the outer signs, or the transformation that took part as I grew and expanded alongside my belly; I've recently learned that my children's cells actually influence my own DNA. This makes complete sense to me on a psychological level. Each... Continue Reading →

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