To Lose A Child

"One day, I will cease to be and you will go on." We love our children so they can keep living long after we have swiveled out of this world. But life can throw our expected timeline for a loop. My grandmother, shown with her second son in this photo, was the mother and soul... Continue Reading →


Insomnia Ray of Light: Those That Came Before

During the night's darkest hours, fear can find me. Fear that I will keep falling until I hit something sharp and crack my skull open. The pulsating wound that ensues lets everything seep out into the open, covers my last spider web thin connection to sanity with heavy blood until it snaps and cuts me... Continue Reading →

To Love A Child

To love a child is to know love in its truest form, for it expects nothing in return. To love a child is to glimpse the truth that is intricately woven into the fabric of the universe, to get a peek of what it really means to exist, to bring into focus all that we... Continue Reading →

On Beauty: A Letter to my Daughters

Dearest daughters, You are so young, only five and two, and so blessedly contained inside the safe square that makes up your world. On the beach, you shed your clothes in seconds, concerned only with skipping to the water in as few steps as possible. When you get dressed in the morning, your main objective... Continue Reading →

In Weakness Veritas

When I am able-bodied and strong, it is easy to create the illusion that I and those I love could exist in a vacuum. Nothing could be further from the truth. As humans, we are little jigsaw pieces of a hugely complex society, each performing a task so that the next person won't have to.... Continue Reading →

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