As the November sun climbs higher // Soon to disappear out of view // I feel it // in every fiber of my being //Fall is not farewell. It is a quiet celebration// A subtle defiance// A rebellion of sorts// A dance of life.

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Broken Bones

The body can break in a thousand ways.// Bones can shatter,// minds can scatter,// skin can slice open,// eye sockets can swell,// noses can bleed.// No one journeys through this life unscathed. The question is, how do you honour your wounds?

Lost and Found

I know the day will come // I know, and I fear it // I fear waking up knowing // that now, I walk alone.// How shall I live, then?

Biding Time

It may have seemed as if we were accepting but we were just biding time. // Nesting, sucking in energy, drawing breath. preparing for the moment when we would fly.

For A Little While

For a little while, I was their mother // and they reached for me in the night // let me smell the scent of sleep on their skin // and allowed for countless kisses in the morning. // But they were never mine to keep.


I have always wondered why we take up so much space.// Why we see the world as ours and not one to share.// I have always wondered at our assured ability to distinguish weed from flowers.// What right have we to dominate?


She’s the first breath you suck in after you’ve been under for a while //The silence of the morning you’ve been waiting for //Alone, at dawn, with nothing but the vast and still blueness //And your movement, melting into the rippled surface.

Queen of Life

When dusk comes // and it is time to bow out // all that ever mattered // is weighed up // (not in words). // She who conquered fear was a master in her own right.


Childhood. // An eternity of slowing down // of peering, stopping, noticing the smallness // making sense of vastness // creating universes // and picking them apart.

Reality, Incarcerated.

You were never meant to linger here, Natalie, do somersaults in my belly // chill my bloodstream // mess with my brain.// My first published short story, 'Natalie', plays with the concept of reality.

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