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I know why it happens

(it’s because)

You’re magnificent

Brilliant in your aliveness

Pulling us in like gravity.

I know, too, that I’m lucky

(or was)

A random outcome

One of countless possibilities

In a universe only you understand.

When it happens

The pain




then falls.

I couldn’t put you in a box

Kiss the lid

Store you under my bed

I couldn’t make you

my keepsake.

She’s defiant

You’re alive

Your hands

on her feet


Your bodies

on the dance floor

It’s splendid

to watch.

The rage




to be fed.

(Shall I?)

(Must I?)

I can slip back into the shadows

merging with the soil

You’re beautiful


Just like you should be

And so is she.

Why does it hurt?

A curious thing, pain

enough to dig deeper

poke around

for answers.

It’s because

I’ve given you everything

and you still

go looking



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