Lost and Found

I know the day will come // I know, and I fear it // I fear waking up knowing // that now, I walk alone.// How shall I live, then?

Biding Time

It may have seemed as ifhope had left usbut that wasn't entirely true. In our interactions, we conveyedthat things seemed hopelessand change would never happen. In fact, change always comesone way or the otherresist it, and sufferembrace it, and live. It may have seemed as ifwe were acceptingbut we were just biding timenesting, sucking in... Continue Reading →

For A Little While

For a little while, I was their mother // and they reached for me in the night // let me smell the scent of sleep on their skin // and allowed for countless kisses in the morning. // But they were never mine to keep.


I have always wondered why we take up so much space.// Why we see the world as ours and not one to share.// I have always wondered at our assured ability to distinguish weed from flowers.// What right have we to dominate?

Queen of Life

When dusk comes // and it is time to bow out // all that ever mattered // is weighed up // (not in words). // She who conquered fear was a master in her own right.


Childhood. // An eternity of slowing down // of peering, stopping, noticing the smallness // making sense of vastness // creating universes // and picking them apart.


If I can have just a glimpse // of what fuels this valley // It's what I came for // What I call out for // What echos back // What I miss most // When it's lost in the woods.

Piccadilly Circus

His corner of the world was one of concrete His soles raw from cold cobblestones (yet all he saw was shoes.) The answer to everyone's riddle is there: in his rags, his unkempt mane, his bruised and scarred arms.

If Silence Could Speak

Remembering every insult, every humiliation, each tiny wrongdoing, she twists. Turns her pillow over, fighting a wee-hour battle with her worthy opponent: Insomnia. But such forces as the one we know intimately, yields to no shadow master.

Here Lies Youth

"Hurry up, there isn't much time left." I have lived half my life. My thirtieth decade is slowly drawing to a close and if I am very lucky, I have about the same time left as that which I have already lived. So, dear Youth, what have I done with Act 1?

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