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Is there a knowing, I don’t know?
To know in my bones
To erase all doubt
To forge a path, with the confidence
That what I know, is right.

More of what I know is this:
There’s much uncertainty in life
When the road differs from what I know
I stand, stupefied, wanting to trail my imprints
in the road.
Get some answers, from those
Who treaded this path before.

Why do I need to know?
There are some things, I don’t.
My death day. My sicknesses. My misfortune.
Still, most things, are better off known.
Even though, I know, life is the vast unknown.

This little brain of mine
This little mind inside
This little thing that I am
An insignificant speck, one could say
but no, that would be a disservice to life.

The choices I make here
The roads I take here
The imprints I create here
They matter, because they are change.
Actions, events, connections are ingredients for life
But what is enough, for a life?

Not all roads lead to Rome
But perhaps all paths lead to love.
Perhaps enough is enough.
Perhaps it’s not fear, but wisdom
That makes me stray from the path.

So tell me, life, what shall I do?
And if I still don’t know, tell me who?

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