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I didn't want to, but I did // Held it, held it - yes, that's it! - until it faded // When it went, no one missed it // but me.

Dear Life

If we could change one thing We wouldn't change a thing This winding, thorny, snaking path led us home, and here. I'm here, it whispers Feel me, stroke me, see me There's nothing I won't be for you You're the master, the commander and I shape-shift to your will. Be the change Feel the love... Continue Reading →


I know why it happens // (it's because) // You're magnificent // Brilliant in your aliveness // Pulling us in like gravity.


Yellow, she lay False teeth, out Cheeks, sunken and pale Awaiting the hour That must come. Fears? She had none. Regrets? Perhaps a few. Concerns? There were many. Help him make sauce, she asked. He knows many things Can learn the rest But this, he will miss. He kept her photograph Black and white, warm... Continue Reading →

Risky Business

What is sanity? // Is it to tether on the edge of consciousness, leaving only crumbs to decorate my footsteps, following the imposed rules and regulations one by one until my soul dies a slow and quiet death?

Lost and Found

I know the day will come // I know, and I fear it // I fear waking up knowing // that now, I walk alone.// How shall I live, then?

My Sister’s Keeper

When all else fails, and I quiver, you remain in my psyche. For all that I fear, you have conquered, and through it all, soul sister, you walked with grace.


But if it is such, that life is one, we would be safe in inherently knowing the secret behind being alive.

To Lose A Child

"One day, I will cease to be and you will go on." We love our children so they can keep living long after we have swiveled out of this world. But life can throw our expected timeline for a loop. My grandmother, shown with her second son in this photo, was the mother and soul... Continue Reading →

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