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Is there a knowing, I don't know? // To know in my bones // To erase all doubt // To forge a path, with the confidence // That what I know, is right.


Tick, tock, goes the clock // Paying no attention to my pleas // That it should do a somersault // Curl up into itself // Finally find some rest.


I didn't want to, but I did // Held it, held it - yes, that's it! - until it faded // When it went, no one missed it // but me.

The Cold to Come

A time to rest // A time to fly // A time to huddle close // A time to gather courage. // An invisible force is drawing close // Gathering strength, as the Earth's axis tips towards winter.


There's a heart in every woman // known to all by another name // something that can't be fooled // a thing that never breaks.


There's something I can't say // Something bothering my mind // Where's this going? it asks // Churns, burns, turns in circles.


I know why it happens // (it's because) // You're magnificent // Brilliant in your aliveness // Pulling us in like gravity.


Yellow, she lay False teeth, out Cheeks, sunken and pale Awaiting the hour That must come. Fears? She had none. Regrets? Perhaps a few. Concerns? There were many. Help him make sauce, she asked. He knows many things Can learn the rest But this, he will miss. He kept her photograph Black and white, warm... Continue Reading →

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