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Tick, tock, goes the clock
Paying no mind to my pleas
That it should do a somersault
Curl up into itself
Finally find some rest.

There they are, at two
Bursting, rushing, running into the day
Time, for them, stretches endlessly
While I watch, shrinking, in the background.

There they are, at five, looking up
Missing teeth, wanting something – anything!
That’s mine to give.

Those long and precious minutes
Afternoons together on the couch
Remembering sunlit corners
The smell of dew in the mornings
The taste of toast with honey.

While outside the world rages
Rain drums on windowsills
Far away, people flee
Something catches fire, burns to the ground.

Meanwhile, we are here
Believing there is a future
Creating memories that will last them
Sustain them, through it all
Knowing that this time
– here –
will never be

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