A Mother’s Awakening

Each pregnancy has left an imprint in my body. I am not just referring to the outer signs, or the transformation that took part as I grew and expanded alongside my belly; I've recently learned that my children's cells actually influence my own DNA. This makes complete sense to me on a psychological level. Each... Continue Reading →


Why a Mother’s Heart Needs to be as Expanding as the Universe

It's easy to love a baby. There are as many tales of first-rush-love as there are mothers in this world, but once love has made an entrance, it settles in our hearts and stays. When I first held my daughter in my arms, I was confused, tired, in pain, astounded that both of us had... Continue Reading →

The Shape Shift Mother/A Lesson in Yin

Since becoming a mother, I am a person divided. Most days, I shape shift between two different roles: My mother-self and my professional-self. Even though I live in a society reasonably tolerant and encouraging of family life, I struggle to let these two persons co-exist. In essence, my mother-self is my female self, and it... Continue Reading →

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