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Broken Bones

The body can break in a thousand ways.
Bones can shatter,
minds can scatter,
skin can slice open,
eye sockets can swell,
noses can bleed.

No one journeys through this life unscathed.
The question is, how do you honour your wounds after
you’ve tended to them
licked them
given them time?

Do you ferret them away
underneath layered fabric
pretending you’re not ashamed?

Or do you wear your marked skin with pride
spread your arms
bend your head, and roar.

Yes, the body can break in a thousand ways
but that is a fact of life.
The magic, my friend, is here:
atoms uniting
molecules aligning
bonds recreating
bridges rebuilding
so your compass shows the way
towards your true north.

4 thoughts on “Broken Bones

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  1. Hej Anna,
    Åh hvor er det fint skrevet 🙏
    Håber du og familien har det godt ❤️
    Kh. Anna Patricia

    Venlig hilsen
    Anna Patricia Dencker


    Liked by 1 person

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